Monday, 27 October 2014

I'm Eating Freedom Toast

I was disinclined to join the France-bashing, however I now understand that the lion's share was correct.

Kerry guarantees that he can restore some of our associates. I have one recommendation - fuck France, we needn't bother with their bologna in any case. The dolts in control over yonder are more awful than W. In the first place, they proclaim the war in Iraq improper and stay unreachable. At that point they choose that all Muslims are hostile terrorists and can't wear a religious hood. Presently the Islamofascist Muslims are pissed.

Some person tell those idiotic fucks that Islam is a quiet religion! Surrendering this one won't be a huge misfortune. They'd be regarding a religion, not just hiding in fear to the terrorists' requests.

Obviously, the best thing to do would've been to evade this chaos, however its past the point of no return. The wickedness ones have demonstrated their unrivaled knowledge and sponsored the Frogs into a corner. Drive a hard yet silly deal and lose two news hounds, or keep on gaining the "whiney little girl" name.

This comes after Jacques "No Jews Allowed" Chirac advises the Jews to backtrack to Israel.

Update to terrorists: We Americans aren't the ones you need. You'd be helping the entire world out.