Monday, 27 October 2014

I'm Eating Freedom Toast

I was disinclined to join the France-bashing, however I now understand that the lion's share was correct.

Kerry guarantees that he can restore some of our associates. I have one recommendation - fuck France, we needn't bother with their bologna in any case. The dolts in control over yonder are more awful than W. In the first place, they proclaim the war in Iraq improper and stay unreachable. At that point they choose that all Muslims are hostile terrorists and can't wear a religious hood. Presently the Islamofascist Muslims are pissed.

Some person tell those idiotic fucks that Islam is a quiet religion! Surrendering this one won't be a huge misfortune. They'd be regarding a religion, not just hiding in fear to the terrorists' requests.

Obviously, the best thing to do would've been to evade this chaos, however its past the point of no return. The wickedness ones have demonstrated their unrivaled knowledge and sponsored the Frogs into a corner. Drive a hard yet silly deal and lose two news hounds, or keep on gaining the "whiney little girl" name.

This comes after Jacques "No Jews Allowed" Chirac advises the Jews to backtrack to Israel.

Update to terrorists: We Americans aren't the ones you need. You'd be helping the entire world out.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013


Uncensored was an annual professional wrestling pay-per-view from World Championship Wrestling held in the month of March from 1995 through 2000. It was replaced in 2001 by Greed. The recurring concept of Uncensored was that it was an event that, in storylines, the WCW Board of Directors had washed their hands of. Thus, each match on the card was ostensibly unsanctioned, meaning they were not subject to the normal rules of WCW sanctioned wrestling matches. In reality, it was a normally booked WCW show, albeit one with a tendency to feature more gimmick matches than usual. This notion, however, was downplayed during the last few years that it was part of the WCW PPV schedule. Hulk Hogan was featured in the main event of all six versions of the event.

Friday, 11 May 2012


The Meliaceae, or the Mahogany family, is a flowering plant family of mostly trees and shrubs (and a few herbaceous plants, mangroves) in the order Sapindales.

They are characterised by alternate, usually pinnate leaves without stipules, and by syncarpous, apparently bisexual (but actually mostly cryptically unisexual) flowers borne in panicles, cymes, spikes, or clusters. Most species are evergreen, but some are deciduous, either in the dry season or in winter.

The family includes about 50 genera and 550 species, with a pantropical distribution; one genus (Toona) extends north into temperate China and south into southeast Australia, and another (Melia) nearly as far north.

Thursday, 13 May 2004

Attention Fascists

Before you look at this page and attempt to use me to your advantage, please recall that this would be an act of politics as well, and I would respond by saying that you are full of [flora] also. Keep in mind that while I don't particularly like politics, I do agree with the basic fact that we need to be free, so if any evil dictators wish to use this site as proof of apathy to begin their missions, be warned that I will utilize this blog to kick your metaphorical ass to the fullest extent of the Internet, which was NOT invented by Al Gore.